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Election 2016

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    Obama exits the presidency voicing optimism for the future

    'This is just a little pit stop,' Obama told supporters just before departing Washington. 'This is not a period, this is a comma in the continuing story of building America'

  • Election

    FACT CHECK: Trump starts on familiar note: with exaggeration

    A look at some of his assertions Friday

  • Election

    Trump gets Obama’s house, title — even his Twitter handle

    Donald Trump built his campaign on early morning tweet storms and hashtag-worthy slogans. Now president, he’s in control of the White House’s powerful social media arsenal, including the official @POTUS Twitter account that has nearly 14 million followers. The technological…

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    Promises, subdued pomp and protests as Trump sworn in

    WASHINGTON | Pledging to empower America’s “forgotten men and women,” Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States Friday, taking command of a deeply divided nation and ushering in an unpredictable era in Washington. His…

  • Election

    Melee near Trump’s parade route as police, protesters clash

    About a mile from the National Mall, police gave chase to a group of about 100 protesters who smashed the windows of downtown businesses including a Starbucks, a Bank of America and a McDonald's as they denounced capitalism and Trump. Police in riot gear used pepper spray from large canisters and eventually cordoned off protesters at 12th and L streets in northwest Washington

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Sentinel Blogs and Letters

  • Blogs and Letters

    Toon in Monday

    A look at the world Monday through the eyes of political cartoonists from across the globe

  • Blogs and Letters

    QUIDNUNC: Perfecting the art of ghosting

    No amount of shushing by the librarians could quiet a contemptuous crowd drunk on Woody Guthrie songs and looking for some assurance regarding their insurance (health care, that is)

  • Blogs and Letters

    QUIDNUNC: Colorado GOP anxious to celebrate Trump’s party of won

    The party celebrating how much better commoners like this one will have it when the rich finally inherit the rest of the Earth is so big, it can only be held at the Marriott Hotel DTC, Meeting Room B, behind the accordion wall, third table from the right, chairs 4, 5 and, maybe, 6

  • Blogs and Letters

    DA George Brauchler: Colorado convicts deserve mercy, too

    It takes political courage to grant clemency, or “public forgiveness,” to a convicted felon, especially in the middle of a politician’s time in office

  • Blogs and Letters

    BELLER: Aurora’s proposal to change the structure of the city’s public defender office

    As a practicing attorney, a Denver Public Defender Commissioner and a former president of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar, I know that Aurora is regarded throughout the state and the country as being on the forefront of how municipalities provide representation to the criminally accused




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Colorado Table

  • Colorado Table

    Despite location change, Cora Faye’s keeps serving soul food done right

    “They come here clutching their hearts, ‘Oh, you’re still open,’” she said with a laugh.

  • Colorado Table

    No average Joe: Differences set new Iliff Ave coffee shop apart

    Along with 27-year-old co-owner Pacharej “Pop” Nuntanavooth, husband and wife Julia Minayeva and Ernest Minayev, both 26 years old, officially opened Sonder Coffee & Tea at 9731 E. Iliff Ave. on Oct. 1. Since then, the shop has lured a growing crop of caffeine fiends to the Denver/Aurora border

  • Colorado Table

    Cauliflower is surprisingly versatile

    Indeed, given that it's high in fiber and an assortment of vitamins and minerals, cauliflower is a healthy alternative to white rice

  • Colorado Table

    Game Day S’Mores are a big win for Super Bowl party fare

    The s'mores are easy to make, appeal to kids of all ages, and are a guaranteed crowd pleaser. There is no baking or fire-roasting so you can make these indoors and they are safe for even young children to make. I make these often for events because I can make them ahead of time and store them in the freezer. Some people even prefer eating them when they are still frozen.

  • Colorado Table

    This sheet-pan salmon supper will start 2017 just right

    Sheet-pan suppers are perfectly quick for weeknight eating, and versatile enough that you can swap out ingredients to match your tastes and your fridge. Don't have salmon? Use sea bass or cod, no problem. Just pay attention to the cook times, particularly as you swap out veggies - you may need to pre-cook hardier vegetables like broccoli or cauliflower. (Tip: you can do a quick microwave steam to par-cook slower-cooking ingredients like potatoes before placing them on the sheet-pan.) You can even use frozen fish fillets for this recipe if you add a little cooking time (use an instant meat thermometer to check for doneness).

Aurora Magazine

  • Aurora Magazine

    HedonXmas — Have A Very Merry Jane This Holiday Season

    A state road map overlaid with a cutout of a marijuana leaf, attached to the word “Colorado,” the print works well in the color green — an obvious choice — but is also available in blue, purple, red or black.

  • Aurora Magazine

    HedonXmas — Cut to the Chase

    So you wander down the mountain as the minutes go by. The trees are bigger here. The smell of the pine is overwhelming, like being in a frigid sanitized bathroom. A squirrel has a scary tantrum when you reach into a tree to shake the snow off a contender for being the perfect tree.

  • Aurora Magazine

    HedonXmas — Fancy Feasts

    To limit yourself to a single meal or item at Denver’s shiny new Central Market on Larimer Street is to wave a centrally-located finger-bird at the entire field of culinary arts. Opened just this fall, Central Market is a foodie’s orgasmic paradise. Craving fresh baguettes? Hop over to Izzio Artisan Bakery.

  • Aurora Magazine

    HedonXmas — Super Sippers

    The holidays are the best time to check out all of Colorado’s over-the-top stouts that our now-famous gastropubs and craft breweries are providing. This year, Four Noses Brewing out of Broomfield is offering a decadent, delightful selection of stouts

  • Aurora Magazine

    HedonXmas — Uniquely Colorado Gifts

    For that transplant in your life — and we’ve all got some — nothing says “Colorado is my home, really, I mean it” like some swanky state gear complete with that superfluous Colorado flag logo. And while that stuff’s a dime a dozen these days — those “Made in Colorado” stores are no longer vanquished to just the 16th Street Mall but found at nearly every retail location from the Front Range to the Western Slope — if you want truly authentic Centennial State gear, head over to Colorado hipster paradise, Coloradical.

  • Aurora Magazine

    HedonXmas — Curing What Ales You

    There are ways to help a bit with a hangover, but Gursky says there are some things people do that are virtual locks to make a hangover worse. The simple, sad truth is, if you guzzle champagne and whatever other boozy treat comes your way on New Year’s Eve, you’re in for a hard day Jan. 1.

  • Aurora Magazine

    HedonXmas — Over-The-Toppen-Baum

    In capturing the Moravian spirit, start by making or buying paper Moravian Stars. These stars, which have 25 or 26 points, are often found illuminating windows or perched above porches during the holidays. They date back to the 1700s when Moravian students in Germany constructed the stars to aid math lessons. The luminescent stars were seen as early as 1747, lighted in windows of buildings in the Moravian community of Herrnhaag, Germany, according to historians.

  • Aurora Magazine

    HedonXmas — Worth the Weight

    Who’s counting? Just resign yourself to knowing that when January rolls around, you will, too. You only get a few dozen holiday seasons before you ship off, so go for the shameless bliss while you can. And here are a few of our suggestions of ways to feel good about putting on the pounds, while you’re doing it.

  • Aurora Magazine

    EXIT STRATEGY: Giving The Grift of Gab

    It turns out I may be the original ‘that guy’ when it comes to holiday gifts that everyone hates