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    PERRY: Colorado tourism officials should roll with the high times so we all can

    We have to build and improve ways for people to get around and go all Dick Lamm on deciding how to limit the number of people in our forests and mountainous pubic lands. Should birdwatching in Karval and those parts of Colorado’s plains ever become a thing, we’ll worry about overcrowding there, too

  • Opinion

    LITTWIN: Be afraid. Be very afraid

    Now that we’re seven weeks out from Election Day, there is no longer any Option 2. If you doubt it, just check in, as I do far too often, with the Nate Silver prediction model, which today gives Trump a 41 percent chance of becoming president. That’s four chances in 10. For the math-impaired, that’s dangerously close to 50-50, a coin flip.

  • Opinion

    MICEK: Exploring the ‘deplorables’

    Trump, with his gleeful flaunting of the social niceties he dismisses as punitive correctness, has created the conditions under which some people now feel free to give full voice to the most vile of sentiments

  • Opinion

    QUIDNUNC: There are worse places than Aurora: Newark

    Quid would like to see some Highlands millennial pup run for blocks after one of the few RTD buses that actually show up in Aurora after 8 p.m. while it drives right past your benchless bus stop

  • Opinion

    LITTWIN: Why are we so wounded by the knee?

    I mean, the National Football League might as well be a U.S. military adjunct, but one on otherwise-league-banned steroids

  • Opinion

    PERRY: Hillary’s problem with veracity is making us all sick

    Why do this? Why can’t Clinton find a way to fight the bad-advice or the self-destructive urge to misrepresent her problems and shortcomings?



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